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About Us

Plümo was founded in 1998 and is based in North London near Alexandra Palace. We have made ourselves a name for selling products that are chosen for their distinctive quality of design and craftsmanship. We are working with artisans, textile mills, knitwear companies and makers across the UK and Europe. We produce modern clothing which is minimal, comfortable and wearable for strong individuality. We are passionate and inspired by the pieces we sell and hope you will be too.

We recently created Plümo Studio, our own brand, through which we channel all the expertise we have gained as pioneering in independent fashion retail. 

At Plümo studio, we are deeply inspired by nature. Each collection is thoughtfully designed and well made using natural materials. For each collection the story goes beyond beautiful hues, materials, and designs. It also reflects the stories of the people and the crafters behind them.

Consciously Crafted - Locally made in London - Carefully Designed with longevity in mind.

Curated & Creative
Our fashion is unique & distinctly different. Our styling - that we present to you across our newsletters & social channels - will inspire you to wear our garments more, but differently.

Sustainable Fashion
Our intention is to present pieces that can be worn for a very long time, season after season. This reflects in our choice of fabrics, production processes, packaging, and more.

Local Craft
We work with British designers, European artisans & makers across the world. Our curation manifests our unique point of view on modern and creative womenswear.

Responsibly Crafted
Always ahead of the curve, we are curating and - through Plümo Studio - designing pieces that are both directional and, yet, completely wearable.